Seat Sharing Mockery of Democracy?

Dear Indian Politicians, stop horse-trading so blatantly. Let the people decide who gets elected to which seat. Of course pols have been horse-trading in every culture as long as there has been politics. But don’t people see that Democracy is being mocked by doing it so blatantly and so openly. Why shouldn’t a citizen be able to decide if s/he wants to vote for a Shiv Sena candidate or a BJP candidate? Of if s/he is so inclined, for Congress candidate versus an NCP candidate?

Take a scenario for example where a family is a fairly right wing family, but one person is more dyed-in-saffron and wants to vote Shiv Sena because of their deep belief in Hindutva? Yet, someone in the same family may lean right economically but is not so sympathetic to extremist Hindutva pols? In my family, I lean a little more right of center than my wife, at least economically, but she is more “religious”. So, in a single family, leave alone a neighborhood or for that matter a constituency, people may want a choice between two parties who apparently do not want to compete. Let us have a four-cornered race, I think issues will be clearer to the electorate instead of voting purely on party lines and therefore purely partisan lines.

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