India vs. America

India is disordered, dirty and disillusioning…

America inspires.  It is ordered, disciplined and clean without doubt.  It is the only country in which my wife and mother-in-law deign to use a public bathrooms.  People talk about ideas, hopes and dreams.

In India people just dream, they don’t do…

India is full of rude, undisciplined, selfish and uncivilized people. So is America but a lot less than India, as a percentage.  Today, I was stuck at a traffic light for 20 minutes.  Three or four times the light turned green gor us, but people kept running the other light – it was unbelievable.  One lady on a scooter was yelling at the errant drivers, but they just yelled back, justifying their actions.  Think Entitlement, it permeates every single person in India.  Perhaps even me, after all I am Indian…

The surprising thing is that educated people in India are rude, undisciplined and selfish.  You can forgive the uneducated, because they don’t know better.  Perhaps the people who know, can’t help it because the pressure is enormous.  After all, if you do follow the rules, you get left behind.  Take traffic.  If you keep some distance between you and the car in front of you – for safety – another vehicle will squeeze into the gap.  You will be forced to drive bumper to bumper or slowly but inexorably fall behind.  The same thing applies to all situations on the road – either you plunge into the gap, and rules be damned, or you wait for ever.  Traffic signals, right-of-way, lanes, even which direction one travels are completely ignored.

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